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We are a part of the OpenEMR developement community and have been for over 10 yrs. We were hoping there were others like us who have been creating great functionality for their OpenEMR clients. We wanted a way to share great features with the rest of the OpenEMR community. Those thoughts gave birth to this marketplace.
The community of developers bring to the table some very awesome tools. This marketplace was built to show off the talents and give users of OpenEMR a wider range of options to choose from. Thus enhancing the experience an use of the core product.

Here is a thougth from Jitsi developer Emil:

Developing a business model of an open source project based on paid-for features is difficult. Emil remembered that in the past, not all clients would understand the benefits of having to pay for code that will be accessible by all.

Some said: Wait, I’m going to pay you to do something that will later be available for everyone else that didn’t pay? We had to go back and say: You’re going to be the first to get the feature, plus everything else that you get for free is something that someone paid for in the past.”

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